Many people try to beat roulette with a “surefire” system. These systems promise steady gains, consistent wins, and the ability to beat roulette consistently. Unfortunately, these systems are doomed to fail, despite the hype.

It is possible to beat roulette, but it doesn’t require you to buy a system. More on that later. Let’s now look at why a mathematical roulette system does not work.

Roulette Systems

Each spin of the roulette wheel in roulette is entirely random. Let’s suppose that the color red appears twice consecutively. This number is more likely to come up on the next spin than in the previous 100, 500, or 1000 spins. However, the odds are still 50% to 50%.

Each spin of the roulette wheel is independent and utterly unrelated to any previous spin history. Roulette is a game that is entirely random because the outcome of each spin is independent of any prior spin history.

  • Roulette systems that promise consistent wins are contradictory because they lack historical data.
  • You know what will happen in mathematics, but you don’t know what will happen in roulette!
  • Your own simple 1 – 2 or 3 Roulette System
  • Roulette is a game of chance. The best thing a player can do for a chance game is place bets with the lowest casino advantage.

This will ensure that the odds are in your favor. These are the three steps that will help you beat roulette.

Rule 1: European Union

The European version includes 37 slots and a single zero; the American version adds space, a zero, to make 38.

The European table has a 2.7% advantage, and the American table has 5.26%. It’s simple – play European.

Rule 2: Don’t make these bets

  • These bets include single-number bets because they have high odds of success but low payouts.
  • Avoid the five-number bet. It has the lowest odds of winning.

Rule 3: Place your bets

  • Place bets that have odds close to the payouts.
  • They can place these “even money” wagers on even, odd, low (numbers 1 through 18), high (numbers 19 to 36), red, or black.
  • These bets have odds of 1:1. Therefore, these bets have a 45% chance of winning, making them a low-risk way to wager.

Look for a European single-zero wheel with a rule known as ‘en prison. If you place an even-money wager, you don’t lose your money, and the ball lands on zero. Instead, your bet will be ‘imprisoned,’ You can let it ride until the next spin. You can permanently remove your winning bet if it wins. This bet is the most popular because it has the lowest house edge at 1.35%.

These simple rules will allow you to beat roulette and outperform any other mathematical system.

Remember that roulette is a game based on chance. The best you can do is to try your luck and have fun.