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The Track

The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience will be held on the Auto Competition Road Course, a 2.8 mile, 21 turn portion of the California Speedway track. Starting in the Pit Area, and working counter-clockwise, here is a description of the road course:

You will begin at the bottom of the course, in the pit lane area. As you exit the pits you will begin to slowly rise up onto the banking in what is called NASCAR turn 1. This will carry you around to the back side of the course to a short straightaway that is HARD braking for the upcoming turn as you will be carrying close to 150mph by this point. You brake to about 60-70mph for a hard left-hander followed by an immediate right-hander onto a short straight. You are now in the infield portion of the course.

The next turn is a horse-shoe shaped left-hand 180° sweeper turn followed by another short straight into a left/right chicane at high speed, followed by VERY HARD BRAKING into a switch-back, decreasing radius right hand turn that looks like a naughty diagram if you study it for too long…. This is the slowest turn on the track and must be taken that way or you will go off at its exit!

You are now on a very short shoot followed by another very fast right/left chicane onto another straight where speeds may reach 130-155mph depending on the power of the car. There is hard braking again for a right hander followed by a nice sweeping left into another right-hander where you dab the brakes before a left-hander. You are now in a slow, arcing turn that will take you around and exit you out of the infield course and back up onto the front straight of the banking. Here you will see speeds of some 140-160mph before braking again for a down hill chicane and then a progressive increase of speed as you are again in NASCAR turn 1 leading around to the back straight.